Educational Participation

All bursaries are intended to support young carers who are actively participating in study. Therefore, if an applicant is enrolled in an educational institution but has taken a 'leave of absence' in the bursary year, they will be ineligible for the period that they are not attending.



You do not have to provide receipts to Carers Australia, but the intent behind the funding is to support young carers with their education or training.



The Department of Social Services require all successful applicants to complete two on-line surveys – one at the six-month mark and one at the end of the bursary year.


The six-month survey is mandatory and will be conducted in July.  It will assess your ongoing eligibility and an updated proof of enrolment will be required.  Young carers found to be ineligible in July will not receive the last two payments.  You will be considered ineligible if:


  • You are no longer studying
  • Your caring role ceased prior to this survey (in some circumstances)
  • You are no longer a permanent Australian resident
  • You receive another bursary or scholarship
  • You do not complete this survey 


If you are found ineligible in July, you will not have to pay back the first two payments.