Approved secondary education courses include:


  1. an accredited course through a secondary school or TAFE, higher education institution or special school
  2. home schooling approved by the relevant state or territory educational authority
  3. an 'English as a second language' course
  4. preparatory courses for tertiary education
  5. school-based apprenticeship or traineeship; and
  6. some language, literacy and numeracy courses.



Approved tertiary education courses include:


  1. Statement of Attainment and other accredited training programs
  2. tertiary level Open Learning courses
  3. certificate and advanced certificate courses
  4. diploma courses; and
  5. undergraduate bachelor degree courses.



Approved vocational and educational training courses include:


  1. vocational education and training courses; and
  2. apprenticeships.



Post-graduate university courses and advanced diplomas are not eligible courses for these bursaries.