Applications are submitted through an online application form. To access the application form please create a user account under "Login" . 


If you have any questions you can refer to the FAQ factsheet, email or ring 1800 756 238 to speak to someone at Carers Australia.


If you need assistance with completing the form, we suggest you ask your family, school or support worker for help.


Take your time to complete the form and please answer all the questions.  It is particularly important to pay attention to the two text boxes at the end of the form.


Please only submit one application – there is no advantage in submitting several as only one will be assessed.


Shortlisted applicants will need to prove their eligibility once the assessment process is complete. This will ensure the bursaries reach those most in need. This evidence includes personal information about you and the person you care for, but your privacy will be protected.


Successful and unsuccessful applicants can apply each year.  There is no advantage or disadvantage in having been successful or unsuccessful in the past.  Each year is a separate process.


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